So today Reed and I took a trip to the DMV/DPS. We both had things we needed to do there so we thought of taking a morning off and just getting it done. Together. When we got there we saw this…


So we knew this was not going to be a short trip. And it wasn’t. We were there for about two hours. So why did I enjoy it? Because I got to spend time with Reed. I really enjoy him and his company. Just being near him makes me happy. Ok enough sappy love stuff. Today’s passage from the She Reads Truth prayer plan is Colossians 4:2-4. This passage says to, “continue steadfastly in prayer being watchful in it with thanksgiving,” Reed and I are on the path to trying to live out this verse. It was important to Reed that when we got married we would make it a habit to pray together. We tried starting it on our honeymoon as we prayed for our friends who were going on short term trip to Nome, Alaska. Since then, we have been pretty good about praying together everyday. I hope we can continue it steadfastly but I also hope, and need prayer in, that we are watchful in it with thanksgiving. Our prayers everyday are not so we can pat each other on the back, praising each other for being one of those “holy couples”. And we will probaby quit because the pressure will be too high, in fact, impossible. But it is tempting. We are told to be “watchful in it with thanksgiving” and I don’t think about it enough, but I am very thankful for Reed. And the fact that we can have our time to pray together. It’s intimate and real and I am so thankful it does not feel pushed or fake. Giving thanks for things, in my case prayer with Reed, completely changes my perspective. It brings life.

What does watchful in prayer with thanksgiving mean to you?